The difference between the material of Waterproof ceiling light and other ceiling lights

Waterproof ceiling light is named because the upper part of the lamp is relatively flat, and the bottom can be safely attached to the roof when installed. With the development of technology, the changes of ceiling lamps are also changing with each passing day. It is no longer limited to a single lamp, but develops towards diversification. It not only absorbs the luxury of chandeliers and air, but also adopts the installation method of Waterproof ceiling light, which avoids short The room cannot be installed with the defect of large luxury lamps.

Waterproof ceiling light

The difference between Waterproof ceiling light and suspended ceiling: The ceiling light body is directly installed on the roof, which is suitable for overall lighting. Ceiling lamps are basically the same as chandeliers in terms of functions and features, but differ in form. Slightly different from chandeliers, ceiling lamps are used in different spaces, chandeliers are mostly used in higher spaces, and ceiling lamps are used in lower spaces. In addition, the ceiling lamp requires a longer lamp body.

Material of Waterproof ceiling light: Like other lamps, there are many materials for ceiling lamps, such as plastic, glass, metal, ceramics, etc. Among them, ceramics and glass have a longer service life, are not easy to age, and are more fashionable. Metal parts on the lamp, such as screws, will slowly oxidize and have a lifespan of about 5 years. Some ceiling-mounted plastic lights age faster because the plastic deforms when heated.

Master the purchasing skills of Waterproof ceiling light: 1. Order the quantity first and choose the shape. The ceiling light has two shapes: round and square. Generally, it is more suitable to choose circular ceiling lamps in living rooms such as bedrooms and study rooms; while the square chandeliers in living rooms and dining rooms appear to have a wider space; kitchens and bathrooms generally use integrated ceilings similar to squares. 2. Choose the mask material, the mask of the ceiling light is what we can really touch. There are many manufacturers of ceiling lamps on the market now, and the materials used for masks are also different. The common ones are acrylic masks, plastic masks and glass masks. The best are imported acrylic masks that have been stretched twice. To test the quality of the mask, you can first press the mask with your hand to see how soft it is. Put the palm of your hand in the past again to see if the color is rosy; open the cover to see if it is easy to disassemble.

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