How to install Directly Emitting Ceiling Light at home

After our home is renovated, we usually install some lamps under the ceiling of each room. Like traditional home improvement, if the ceiling is not suspended, the ceiling lights are basically installed under the ceiling. Of course, there are more and more suspended ceilings, and the ceilings are installed with downlights or other grille lights. But home improvement is still dominated by Directly Emitting Ceiling Light. So many friends want to install ceiling lights themselves. Because installing a ceiling lamp, if you find a decoration company to do it, it will cost tens of yuan, and some even more than 100 yuan. So how to install the ceiling light? In this article, the home miscellaneous forum will answer the specific questions about the installation of Directly Emitting Ceiling Light.

Directly Emitting Ceiling Light

How to install Directly Emitting Ceiling Light?

In the above, I briefly introduced the specific components of Directly Emitting Ceiling Light. The purpose of introducing the components of the ceiling light to you is to let us understand the composition of each part of the ceiling light, so that it is convenient for us to install. So, if we plan to install Directly Emitting Ceiling Light ourselves, then I personally recommend the following installation method to everyone.

①: Preparation. The so-called preparation work is the work to be done before we prepare for Directly Emitting Ceiling Light. Before installing the ceiling light, dispose of the bottom box of the light. Here we first need to power off, and then distinguish the two wires of the bottom box light, one of which is the control wire of the switch, which is also the live wire, and the other is the neutral wire. Clean the connector of the wire to expose the copper core. Then clean the screw holes of the bottom box. Then you are ready to install the ceiling light.

②: The split of the ceiling lamp. If we plan to install ceiling lights, we need to split the ceiling lights. Because the above-mentioned introduction to the ceiling lamp shade can be removed. At this time, we will remove the lampshade of the ceiling lamp from the ceiling lamp. At this time, we need to observe the disassembly method of the lampshade of the ceiling lamp. Because after we fix the lamp base, we also need to install the lampshade of the ceiling lamp. After that, handle the wiring of the ceiling light in place.

③: Installation of ceiling lamp base. At this time, we can install the base of the ceiling lamp. The most common way for us to install the base of the ceiling lamp is to use the screw holes on the base of the ceiling lamp and the socket bottom box reserved on the top plate, that is, the screw holes of the eight or six boxes. We first found the exact position, fixed the base with a screw, and then adjusted the position of the other screw hole to find the screw hole in the 86 box. If our 86 points are damaged or there are no screw holes, or the size is wrong, another method can be taken. It is to directly fix the base of the ceiling lamp to the top plate.

④: The wiring of the ceiling lamp. Once we have secured the bottom box, we can start wiring. Everyone must pay attention that the wiring must be completely disconnected from the power supply before wiring, and live operation is not allowed. At this time, we just connect the two wires in the bottom box to the power connection point that comes with the ceiling light. At this time, it is necessary to distinguish between the live wire and the neutral wire. Connect the live wire to the position where the lamp is connected to the live wire, and connect the neutral wire to the position corresponding to the neutral wire.

⑤: Debug and install the lampshade. After we install the power cord of the ceiling lamp, we need to conduct power-on debugging. In this way, we can test whether our ceiling light can be lit normally. Generally, we turn on the switch after closing the switch, so that the ceiling light can be lit normally, indicating that our wiring is correct. If the ceiling light does not turn on, it means that our light may be broken, or there is a problem with the circuit. When the lamp is lit normally, we can install the lampshade. The way to install the lampshade is the opposite of the way we disassemble it. Like the conventional method, we buckle up the lampshade, find the lock, and fasten the lock.

Regarding the installation of Directly Emitting Ceiling Light, we must first distinguish the type of ceiling lights in our home. Then take the corresponding installation method according to the type of our ceiling light.

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