What is the role of LED Grow Light Fixture

As we all know, light has a huge effect on plant growth. It is one of the important environmental factors that affect plant growth and development. LED Grow Light Fixture can not only provide the energy required for plant photosynthesis, but also regulate plant life activities, such as seed germination, seedling formation, flowering and fruiting. The quality of light conditions directly determines the growth and results of plants, especially for areas lacking light conditions, LED Grow Light Fixture is particularly important.

LED Grow Light Fixture

With the development of modern agricultural technology, greenhouses have been widely used in agricultural production. Because it can effectively reduce the impact of weather, it is more suitable for crop growth, and it can grow off-season fruits and vegetables, so it has been squinted by many growers. However, various reasons bring insufficient light in the greenhouse, which will inevitably affect the growth, development, yield and quality of greenhouse crops. LED Grow Light Fixture has become an inevitable choice.

At present, the types of LED Grow Light Fixture mainly include incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps, and LED lamps. Among them, compared with incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps and high-pressure sodium lamps, the advantages of LED are incomparable: First, the advantage of LED Grow Light Fixture is energy saving, and its higher luminous efficiency means that LED Grow Light Fixture can consume less energy. Create higher light intensity; at the same time, LED Grow Light Fixture can also carry out free spectrum combination, so as to provide better light source for plants, promote plant growth and increase plant yield.

Secondly, LED Grow Light Fixture light source does not have the infrared radiation of traditional light sources, and the biggest problem caused by infrared radiation is high heat dissipation. Therefore, LED Grow Light Fixture has very low heat dissipation and can illuminate plants at close range. In addition, LED Grow Light Fixture is directional and controllable, which can efficiently illuminate plants in a specific direction. Therefore, LED Grow Light Fixture has obvious advantages in the field of plant lighting, which is very suitable for plant lighting and is the future development direction of plant lighting.

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