LIUQIN Lina : A letter to my foreign friends

Spring comes, blossoming are enjoy spring in March, I can see a bright future surrounding.

Now it is 1year passed since the corona virus been widely spread in China and Wuhan City lockdown, this is the first time that I want to write something to share with you my foreign friend.

Since I see what happened in Wuhan China, how hard the doctors are, how helplessness people there, how other provinces are helping them…
At that time we are highly united. We respect medical person who go backwards.

In the first half year in 2020, we Group company used to have about 1000 staffs, because of corona influence now it is only about 600staffs go to work, in the next half year, we recovery and speed up, annual sales performance in 2020 is 50% increased than 2019.  

It is glad to say, none of us been infected, all our families are good too. We do very quick and strict action, video conferencing every day to report our healthy situation and work. We stock mask and disinfecting water in the very earlier.  We support mask and foods to Wuhan. We donate UVC T8 LED tube to hospital for free. We send mask for free to our customers who lack for it…

Many industries may badly affected by corona virus, like tourist, Restaurant, visa agency, transport, etc. We factory really faced challenge and gain our core value. We come out UVC disinfection tube, UVC disinfection panel light, quick plant grow lamp. We keep active interaction with our customers and win more stock orders when most factory are still closed.

After this time, we all respect and value more on our life and work. It is not easy we still have work, and we still have support from lovely customers!!! We feel more responsibility on product and quality!




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