Does customized Plant panel light really work

It should be said that the customized plant panel light is popular in the agricultural circle recently. The customized plant panel light is also called plant growth light. There are many types, such as high pressure sodium lamp, laser fill light, LED fill light, etc. All kinds of plant fill light Lights are also collectively referred to as plant lights. Because the customized Plant panel light is made according to the influence of sunlight on the photosynthesis of plants, it is also called the sun-like plant light. Does the sun-like plant light really have an effect on plant fill light?

customized Plant panel light

Customized Plant panel light is based on the natural law of plant growth and the principle that plants use sunlight for photosynthesis, using light instead of the sun to provide plants with the light they need for growth. Plant lights are generally used when the light intensity is not enough and the light time is not enough, such as cloudy, rainy or hazy days, and plants with long sunshine cannot meet the growth needs, so plant lights can be used to supplement light.

When using and choosing a customized Plant panel light, we master the correct method, which can bring unexpected results. Many experienced growers use plant lights and planting experience, which will increase crop production, advance the market, and enhance The role of quality and taste.

When using the customized Plant panel light, the supplementary light time and supplementary light intensity should be adjusted according to the type of crops. For leafy vegetables and fruit crops, the spectrum and spectral wavelength of the plant lamp should be distinguished. Master the use method well, the sun-like plant lamp must have unexpected effects on the growth of crops.

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How to Choose the Right Customized Plant Panel Light

When it comes to choosing the right customized plant panel light, there are several factors to consider. Here are some things to keep in mind: 1. Plant Type - Different plants have varying light requirements depending on their growth stage. Consider the type of plants you’ll be growing and choose a panel light that offers the right spectrum for your plants’ growth stage.