Intelligent induction: no need to make sounds (clapping, stomping, etc.), no need to disturb people, when someone enters the detection range of RADAR SENSOR PANEL LIGHT, the microwave detector lights up the light, and the lamp is fully 18W, when the person leaves the detection range, the microwave sensor The lamp maintains 3W brightness (customizable W number).

Intelligent delay: The switch will automatically delay a cycle after detecting each activity of the human body (the time can be customized), and start the next timing with the delay time of the last human activity as the starting point.
Compared with infrared products: RADAR SENSOR PANEL LIGHT has a longer sensing distance, wide angle, no dead zone, strong penetrating power, and is not affected by environment, temperature, dust, etc.
RADAR SENSOR PANEL LIGHT is a new type of intelligent lighting product that automatically controls the lighting of the light source through the induction module. In terms of light source materials, LED, as an intermittent lighting source with frequent switching, is undoubtedly the most ideal choice compared to incandescent lamps and various fluorescent lamps. Its characteristics of long switching life, fast response, high light efficiency, small size and easy control are perfectly reflected. On the other hand, it is more intelligent, and the lamps and lanterns are automatically turned on without manual switching.

1) This kind of probe is aimed at detecting moving people or objects. As long as there are moving people or objects within the range of microwave control, it can be sensitively triggered.
2) The sensor completes the detection activity through an antenna board that is used for both signal transmission and signal reception. The microwave signal emitted by the antenna can penetrate non-metallic objects, such as curtains, thin walls, etc.
3) The sensor can be adjusted to different sensing distance and sensing range according to different performance requirements.
Compared with traditional underground garage lighting, RADAR SENSOR PANEL LIGHT has irreplaceable advantages. Therefore, many influencing factors should be considered when designing underground garage lighting. In order to appear more intelligent and energy-saving, choose RADAR SENSOR PANEL LIGHT It is very necessary!

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