What is the difference between ETL DLC Edge-lit Panel Light and Flat Panel Light

LED saves electricity, which can save more than half of the ordinary one, and there is no heavy metal such as lead, mercury, etc. in the LED, which is more environmentally friendly. LED works with direct current to protect eyes. LEDs have a longer service life than ordinary ones, do not need ballasts, etc., and have high color rendering. It is the general trend to replace traditional panel lights. Ordinary panel lights are bulky, unsightly, short lamp life, and high replacement frequency. Direct light, glare, poor lighting quality. ETL DLC Edge-lit Panel Light is small in size and beautiful in appearance, with a light source life of 50,000 hours without replacement, frosted flat surface, uniform light, no glare, and good lighting quality.

ETL DLC Edge-lit Panel Light
1. Energy saving, saving more than 50% of electricity at the same illumination level;
2. Good color rendering, the color rendering index of a good LED lamp can reach more than 80, and if there are special requirements, it can reach 90 according to your requirements;
3. Long service life, up to 50,000 hours; in addition, it has the characteristics of fast response, pure light and color, no stroboscopic, and no pollution. In fact, there is no difference between the LED panel light and the ETL DLC Edge-lit Panel Light, but the name of each place and area is different, or it is called differently because of personal preferences. In fact, it is a widely used indoor lighting fixture. , The design is beautiful, the illumination effect is good, and the light is more uniform. It is 2 different names, it is the same LED lamp. Like some companies, it is generally called LED panel light, but in other companies, it may be called ETL DLC Edge-lit Panel Light.

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