How to choose Waterproof ceiling light

Waterproof ceiling light commonly used are square-shade ceiling lights, spherical ceiling lights, pointed oblate ceiling lights, semi-spherical ceiling lights, semi-oblate ceiling lights, small rectangular ceiling lights, etc. Waterproof ceiling light is suitable for lighting in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc. Waterproof ceiling light can be installed directly on the ceiling, easy to install, simple and generous style, giving the space a clear and bright feeling.

Waterproof ceiling light

There are generally ballasts and circular lamps in the Waterproof ceiling light. There are two types of ballasts: inductive ballasts and electronic ballasts. Electronic ballasts can improve the waterproof ceiling light and the light efficiency of the system. It can be activated instantly and extended. The life of the lamp. At the same time, it has low temperature rise, no noise, small size and light weight, and its power consumption is only 1/3 to 1/4 of that of inductive ballasts. Therefore, if consumers want to choose Waterproof ceiling light, they should choose high luminous efficiency. , Products with soft light, uniform illuminance and long average service life.

Waterproof ceiling light circular lamps have halogen powder and tri-basic toner. The tri-basic toner lamp has good color rendering, high luminosity, and slow light decay; halogen powder tube has poor color rendering, low luminosity, and fast light decay. Distinguish between halogen powder and tri-color powder tube, you can light up two tubes at the same time, put your hands near the two tubes, you can find that the halogen powder tube light is whitish and distorted, and the color of the three-color powder tube is right. The true color of the skin. Waterproof ceiling light is available with remote control and without remote control. The ceiling light switch with remote control is convenient and suitable for use in the bedroom. The lampshade of Waterproof ceiling light is generally made of plastic and plexiglass, and glass lampshades are rarely used.

The above is the introduction of Waterproof ceiling light, I hope it will be helpful for you to understand Waterproof ceiling light.

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