Key technical features of 30mm Hot-sale Back-lit Panel light

Optical performance (light distribution): The optical performance of 30mm Hot-sale Back-lit Panel light mainly involves the performance requirements of luminosity, spectrum and chromaticity. According to the latest industry standard "Test Method for Semiconductor Light-Emitting Diodes", there are mainly luminous peak wavelength, spectral radiation bandwidth, axial luminous intensity angle, luminous flux, radiant flux, luminous efficiency, chromaticity coordinates, correlated color temperature, color purity and dominant wavelength, Color rendering index and other parameters. For white LEDs commonly used in LED panel lights, color temperature, color rendering index and illuminance are particularly important. They are important indicators of lighting atmosphere and effect, while color purity and dominant wavelength are generally not required.

30mm Hot-sale Back-lit Panel light
The mainstream practice in the 30mm Hot-sale Back-lit Panel light industry is to package LED chips to form light sources or light source modules, and then distribute light when making lamps. This is the original traditional light source method, because Traditional light sources emit light in 360°. If you want to guide the light to the application side, Philips' traditional lamps are currently the best, and the light loss can reach 40%. However, the optical parameters of the lamps used by many domestic LED downstream manufacturers are actually the optical parameters of the chip or the light source, not the optical index parameters of the overall lamp.
How to better improve the performance of light, the latest technology in the world is to do light distribution on the chip package, to export the light from the chip at one time, to maintain the maximum light output, so that the light loss rate is only 5%-10%. With the continuous improvement of technology, the light loss rate will be lower and lower, and the light efficiency of the light source will be higher and higher. The lamps and lanterns equipped with such light sources do not need to do light distribution, and the relative efficiency of the lamps will be greatly improved, so that they can be more widely used in functional lighting and form a considerable scale of market channels. Therefore, a good 30mm Hot-sale Back-lit Panel light supplier is our top priority. We don’t need to spend a lot of money to study how to distribute light for our 30mm Hot-sale Back-lit Panel light, and we don’t need to spend A lot of time and experience require engineers to use software simulation. The easiest way is to let LED white light suppliers cooperate. You know, if our engineers use software to simulate, then the necessary actions are input and output. The input is the import of data in the early stage, and the output is the result of the simulation, so the data in the early stage must be accurate and the simulation at the back end can be correct.
Thermal performance (structure): The luminous efficiency and power supply of the 30mm Hot-sale Back-lit Panel light for lighting is one of the keys to the LED industry. At the same time, the PN junction temperature of the LED and the heat dissipation of the housing are particularly important. The greater the difference between the PN junction temperature and the lamp body temperature, the greater the thermal resistance, and then the light energy is converted into heat energy and consumed in vain. In severe cases, the LED is damaged. A good structural engineer should not only consider the structure of the luminaire and the thermal resistance of the LED, but also consider whether the appearance of the luminaire is reasonable, fashionable, novel, and of course reliability, maintainability and practicability. Think from the perspective of the user, but also consider the product from the perspective of the user.

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