How to choose Directly Emitting Ceiling Light for living room and bedroom

Directly Emitting Ceiling Light has sufficient chromaticity as much as possible. LED lights refer to the chromaticity set by the diffusion coefficient, and require different lighting in different natural environments and different areas, so the total number of household LED lights is on the same level . Because it will change according to different natural environment, workers can directly buy it according to the needs of room space. When choosing lamps, consider the natural environment of the lamps. You need to refer to the overall target flow value of the product, and then pay attention to the color of the light, and try to choose shades of light, but not conspicuous lamps.

Directly Emitting Ceiling Light

The choice of Directly Emitting Ceiling Light in the living room

Living room lamps, small brackets, floor lamps, and bedside tables must be installed in the bedroom. The bedroom LED lamp manufacturer's living room lamps have elegant and calm colors. You can create a warm atmosphere by adjusting and mixing the lights yourself. Second, you can use wall lamps and floor lamps in the middle of the bedroom to replace the living room absorption lamps. For an LED bedroom light, choose a shade made of a diffuser material with a low outer chroma to make your bedroom light soft and quiet. Also, you can install hanging dining lights in the right places in the bedroom and wall lights in the bed. However, each lamp must be operated individually. You can pass the time with a lighter before going to bed, and LED bedroom lights can make it easier to wake up at night. When you wake up at night, you are sensitive to light. Lighting effects that look dim during the day can dazzle you at night. Therefore, the outline of LED home lighting should be warm, smooth and concise. Colors should be elegant and gentle.

Choice of bedroom Directly Emitting Ceiling Light

Apart from work, the bedroom is where we stay for a long time, where we can relax, release stress and live in our hearts. That's why bedroom lights that combine warmth, romance and freshness are especially important. For a bedroom of 15-20 square meters, you need to choose a 24WLED ceiling light, and the diameter of the light body should be between 40-50 cm. For the bedroom of 12-15 square meters, you can choose 20WLED ceiling lamp, and the diameter of the lamp body can also be between 40-50 cm. A small bedroom of 12 square meters, sucking 15WLED lights, well, it can be 35-40 cm in diameter, whether to use white light or warm light, it mainly depends on personal preference, some friends like bright habits or always study in the bedroom and work, so choose white light to reduce eye fatigue and protect your vision. Other friends like to keep the bedroom warm and romantic placement, and warm LED bulbs are the choice.

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